Massasoit Community College Foundation Expands Board of Directors

New Directors Bring Investing, IT, and Broker Experience

The Massasoit Community College Foundation, Inc. has recently elected five new directors to its Board: Azeddine Fadli of Canton; Richard Frye of Braintree; Robert MacIntosh of Winchester; Eval Silvera of Brockton; and Albert Smith, Jr., of Weymouth. They join Foundation Board of Directors Treasurer Lisa Rheault-Sliney, Clerk Lincoln Andrews, and directors Thomas Carroll, Maria Samson, Charles Tartaglia, and Massasoit Community College President, Dr. Gena Glickman.

From left to right: new Directors Eval Silvera, Azeddine Fadli, and Albert Smith, Jr. with Lisa Rheault-Sliney and Charles Tartaglia, and new Director Richard Frye.

“We are extremely grateful to have new directors who offer so much in terms of their experience, skills, and knowledge, and are also deeply committed to Massasoit’s mission,” said Paul Grand Pré, executive director of the Massasoit Foundation. “In what has been a year of milestones for the Massasoit Foundation, strengthening our Board helps ensure future success and sustainability of the college and its students.”

Fadli currently serves as the vice president and general manager of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Canton. He previously managed Coldwell Banker’s offices in Charlestown and Winthrop and earned his B.A. in Management from the National Institute of Commerce in Algeria. Fadli serves on the School Committee of Al-Noor Academy, an Islamic middle and high school in Mansfield where his children attend, and on the board of directors of the Canton Association of Business and Industry.

Frye is a licensed insurance and real estate broker, member of the Massachusetts Realtors Association, and serves on the board of directors of the Independent Insurance Agents Association and Coastal Heritage Bank. He is the former owner of the Frye Insurance Agency in Braintree and has close connections to Massasoit, having served on the Massasoit Board of Trustees from 1991-1995 and as chairman of the board for two years. He has previously received an honorary degree and a Presidential Medallion from Massasoit.

MacIntosh is an experienced investment executive, economist, and mutual fund board member with particular depth in the fixed income markets. Throughout his career at Eaton Vance, he has led investment teams, managed mutual funds, closed-end funds, and high net worth accounts, and developed innovative investment products. Presently, MacIntosh is a mutual fund board director for the domestic distribution subsidiary of QIEF Management LLC, a global investment management firm. Previously, MacIntosh was the co-director of Municipal Investments and chief economist at Eaton Vance Management in Boston.

Silvera has more than 20 years in the information technology field working with companies such as Carbonite, ZipCar, Last Pass, LogMeIn, and John Hancock. He currently serves as a scrum master on the product/engineer team with Hudl in Boston – a product and service of Agile Sports Technologies. Silvera is also the president & founder of KodeConnect, Inc., which focuses on bringing STEM programming to kids K-12 on the south shore. He also currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Massasoit.

Smith is an Infinex investment executive and vice president with South Shore Bank and has more than 25 years of experience in wealth management, as well as college, retirement, and financial planning services for clients. The Infinex Financial Group is a team of advisors at the Investment Center at South Shore Bank who assist clients in developing key goals and strategies for their financial future. Prior to joining South Shore Bank, Smith was employed at Santander as a vice president/financial advisor.

The Massasoit Community College Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 180, Section 4 (a) as amended.

Gateway to College Graduates Earned High School Diplomas and College Credits

Eight students from five local school districts graduated from Massasoit’s Gateway to College program at the end of June. These students not only received their high school diploma, but also earned college credits. While all learning took place on the Massasoit campus, the graduates were dual enrolled in both their school district and the college.

Congratulations to the following graduates!

Zev Andruk
Kaela Clarke
Emma Hoff
Renee Lopolito
Abigail Low*
Licinio Miguel Miranda
Donald Saltmarsh
Kyle Sharameta*

Whitman-Hanson High School
Champion High School
Champion High School
Oliver Ames High School
Hanover High School
Champion High School
Hanover High School
Bridgewater-Raynham High School

* Received Gateway to College’s ‘Linda Huttle Award’ for a college GPA of 3.0 or higher for a semester.

View more photos here. Gateway to College students are a diverse group of young people between the ages of 16 and 21 who are ready and willing to work hard to be successful in the program. Some of our students believe that a traditional high school setting is not the right fit, left high school before graduating, were on the verge of leaving, or were behind in credits to graduate with their designated class; others are academic achievers getting a head start on a college education.

Massasoit’s Unique Early College Partnership Program

Early college high schools, like New Heights Charter School in Brockton, allow all of their students to take college classes while still in high school for free. Massasoit is proud to partner with New Heights to provide their students with college courses. Listen to the American Association of Community Colleges’ podcast below for more details about the program.

785 Students Named to 2019 Spring Dean’s List

Congratulations to all of our students who made the 2019 Spring Dean’s List! Having completed at least nine credits or more, students earn Dean’s List distinction with a 3.40 GPA or higher.

2019 Spring Dean’s List by city/town:

Ryan Baxter
Matthew Croall
Jaryd Delehanty
Brian Diver
Shane Gaffney
Kaitlin Grawzis
Sarah Hirsch
Emily Jacobs
Erin Jenkins
Kerlyne Joseph
Jessica Kelly
Manuel Lopez
Sherrill Maxwell
Michael Riordon
Lauren Sanderson
Emalee Schell
Jasmine Strangis
Logan Sullo
Annemarie Thomashay
Daniel Tod
Amanda Williams

Elijah Aguirre

Lauren Colarusso
Joan Gonzales
Jeffrey Marcure
Ashley Shannon
Richard Stanley
Steven Bodak

Risa Almeida
Angela Baracchini
Eric Bournazian
Rose Vernet

Jared Moore

Sadie Brown
Digna Mizhirumbay

Kara Briggs

William Allen
Christopher Davis
Alyssa DeOliveira
Pamela Evans
Yan Luz
Okenia Onayemi
Lucie Ortega
David Valdes

Gregory Abbott
Dorothy Bolster
Elizabeth Connolly
Kenneth McDonald
Molly Moore
Shannon Nolan
Brian Pugsley
Abigail Smith
Timothy Weeks

Dajanese Polk

Zachary Bearne
Hannah Brousseau
Jessica Campbell
Tori Cardoza
Tyler Caron
Philip Collins
Catherine Coughlin
Jessica Crouse
Matthew Curvelo
Mary Ann Daley-DiCastro
Eva Fadel
Tyler Gisbert
Olivia Grant
Nathan Harrell
Anthony Harris-Lopes
Timothy Joy
Joseph Judge
Dominic Lachance
Erin Lewis
Diane Mastrangelo
Brianna Onessimo
Jamie Pino
Daniel Schwalm
Lauren Scowcroft
Patrick Smith
Zachary Souza
Brooke Spina
Arthur Travis
Sara Walton
Jennifer Whittier

Jada Adams
Gathchina Aliot
Kamal Alleyne
Gertrude Alteon
Cindy Ambers
Estefania Andrade
Fred-John Andrade
Monica Andrade
Vianna Andrade
Paola Authievre
Myles Avery
Wilson Barbosa
Jason Barchard
Dulcelene Barros
Brandon Basa
Winscher Bazelais
Lindsay Beasley-Taylor
Lovely Beauvil
Berthaud Beneus
Eric Bracken
Alexis Brickhouse
Felicia Brinson
Jose Cabral
Helison Cabral Gomes
Jonathan Carrere
Morgane-Alison Dias Carrere
Amanda Charlot
Savannah Clinton
Martha Colon
Kevin Contreras Duarte
Rosaline Correia
Evan Coutts
Antonio Cruz
Kristian Cunningham
Kayla Curran
Brittany Czerniawski
Olegario DaGraca
Daniel DeCosta
Valerie Dehonnet
Jean Dejean
Christina Delgado
Bianca Denticat
Maguida Depina
Nilza DePina
Miriame Desulme
Ngoc Doan
James Donato
Tatiana Dos Santos
Milene Dos Santos Tavares
Ana Enamorado
Janni Encarnacion
Nichole Ernst
Abasi-Odu Etim
Yosof Farooqi
Schneida Faustin
Christopher Fernandes
Manuela Fernandes
Johanna FilsAime
Kelli Fitzgerald
Darlene Fonseca
Marcos Fontes
Felicia Fortes
Riviere Fougy
Rose Francois
Denise Furtado
Samuel Galindo
Gisselle Garcia
Shella Gay Chaudry
Jessica Geldres
Rosemine Gilbert Belfort
Brendan Gomes
Dineida Gomes
Jennifer Gomes
Suely Gomes
Eugenia Goncalves
Joao Goncalves
Kimberly Goncalves
Victor Gordon
Louis Goyette
Sindy Grand-Pierre
Maria Guaman
Jacqueline Guaman Lucero
Jean Guerrier
Jordan Gurley
Alessandra Guzman
Matthew Healy
William Hernandez
Gertruna Hilaire
Josiane Hilaire
Hannah Holland
Tatyana Holman-Utley
Joanna Hutchins
Christina Jacobs
John Jarred
Jasmine Jaynes
Rachel Jean
Katia Jean Charles
Marven Jean Jacques
Anneka Tarrah Jean Louis
Sidley Jean-Jacques
Stanley Jean-Jacques
Rose Jeanty
Chaylese Jefferson
Wes Kaplem Joseph
Simeo Kayemba
Anastasia Keith
Rebecca Kennedy
Sean Kilroy
Ashley King
Angelica Lewis
Carine Lopes
Carla Lopes
Maria Lopes
Raquel Lopes
Vania Lopes
Phylicia Louis
Cristian Luna-Robinson
Cindy Mack
Francette Madou-phal
Dominga Maldonado
Deborah Marceus
Wilson Marin
Serge Mbome Bissa
Zachary McDonough
Karoline Mego-Castillo
Maira Mendes
Belunda Moise
Ludwika Moise
Sophia Moliere
Aisha Monteiro
Nilza Monteiro
Megane Montes
Noel Montrond
Edward Newcomb
Chinwendu Nwosu
Hugo Ochoa
Oluwaseun Olajide
Elizabetg Olson
Mercy Onwunzo
Patience Osawaru
Gianna Papadopoulos
Natalee Paredes
Sierra Parsley
Brian Pastena
Widmayar Pasteur
Sophia Paul
Pedro Perdomo Ravelo
Eric Perez
Marcus Pierre
Darnele Pierre-Louis Adhemar
Anthony Pinto
Ashley Pires
Augusto Pires
Shakuntala Rekha
Cynthia Revolus
Brianna Reyes
Nathanael Reyes
Andreia Ribeiro
Suely Ribeiro
Jaymie Roberts
Alice Rocha
Jordan Roderick
Jelfiline Rodrigues
Sandra Rodrigues
Diant’ha Rodriguez
James Rogers
Haleigh Rose
Simone Roy
Isaiah Sanches
Anna Sergienko
Emma Shanks
Ana Silva
Reinaldo Silva
Sofia Silva
Tristan Sims
Rachel Smith
Carla St Hubert
Angelena Starks
Christine Stevens
Khori Stewart
Rebecca Stewart
Deqi Tao
Seny Tavares
Telma Tavares
DJeisson Teixeira
Vanda Teixeira
Julie Theodore
Marie Tingue
Sierra Towne
Godwin Ujialele
Taylanna Vargas
Jose Vieira De Andrade
Kevin Vilaire
Alyssa Warren
Sherline Wathey
Kirstie White
Sarah Witherbee
Aaron Woodbridge

Buzzards Bay
Mariah Eckstrom
Shoshanna White

Jameelsa Ayala-Silva

Brian Albert
Christal Bonilla
Hudson Cerruti
Caitlin Ensins
John Fontaine
Sabrina Gates
Alison Haidul
Andriana Kousseifi
Ashlyn Lawton
Ryan Lodge
Melissa Masotta
Shawna Murray
Niel Shah
Alexander Szaro
Jessica Thompson
Caroline Titus
Marina Vozzella

Albert Alves-Blackler
Colleen Archer
Kimberly Bowman
Cheyenne Farr
Brooke Frisbie
Kristen Gillam
Patricia Harris
Mitchell Hermenau
Jeffrey Irr
Nicole Nelson
Martin O’Connell

Chippewa Falls
Melissa Sanders

Thatiana Albuquerque Gullo

Stephen McCabe

Camila Alzate
Benjamin Burgoyne
Carlin Sullivan

East Bridgewater
Sofia Cameron
Darlene Cofran
Owen Coughlin
April Decarvalho
Stephanie DeCarvalho
Martin Egan
Catherine Ferris
Andrew Kuhn
Ryan Maitland
Eric Mason
Shalee Mcdonough
Edward McFadden
Ashley Mendonca
Connor Morrissey
Isaac Rosario
Sierra Salisbury
Shawna Tierney
Eric Waller
Ashley Yergeau

East Falmouth
Christina Maibaum
Danielle Robbins

East Freetown
Casady Roy

East Taunton
Megan Arruda
Haley Markham
Victoria Murphy

East Walpole
Christopher Hughes
Nayfa Sarhan

East Wareham
Jeannette D’Olimpia

Fall River
Jorge Ferreira
Esilda MacGillivray

Nicole Donnelly

Michael Costa
Michael DeMaesschalck
Beth Hassett
Timothy Jenkins
Antonio Moniz
Mariam Morkos
Ezequiel Nams
Cristina Ortiz
Glendaly Pudsey
Jacob Selenius
Shelby Setterlund
Katharine Torkelson
Jason Whipkey
Christopher Ciriello
Matthew Juergens
Samantha Schmall

Zoe Allard
Julry McCarraher
Samantha Signori

Adam Fiore
Bryan Smith
Joshua Traynor

Lauren Beringer
Karen Bernier
Jonathan Foley
Sojoud Kanaan
Nichole Porter
Nick Sellier
Elisa WongInna Zagvazdina

Mackenzie Belleville
Kyle Bosse
Leann Chambers
Kerry Cook
Timothy Fox
Hannah Gernhardt
Rolandas Lapinskas
Ryan MacKinnon
Rebecca Moreau
Michael Nee
Christopher O’Brien
Tyler Snowdale
Alyssa Vincola
Mackenzie Wyman

Jessica Billman
Amanda Blake
Heather McAuliffe
Amanda McIntyre

Mario Barbosa
Robert Belezos
Jesse Cooper
Melissa DePina
Michael Grant
Cameron Lindsay
Sandra Mensah
Colin Sheehan
Alexandra Ward
Devyn Carroll-Brown

Willian De Oliveira
Victoria Zicko

Hyde Park
Jessica Cardoso
Emily Cavanaugh
Dimayelin Concepcion
Katelyn Grande
Elizabeth Healy
Alyson Reid
Melissa Walsh

Jamaica Plain
Caitlin Corvini

Susan Caggiano
Colin Dahlen
Jeffrey Handorff
Aileen Holmes
Erica Nichols
McKenzie Ray
Stephanie Thibert
Daniel Tracey
Daniel Wegge

Amber Boutin
Sarah Casale
Erinbridget Daylor
Candice Huerth
Bernadette Savoie
William Welch
Jared Wood

Kelly Bartorelli
Maria De La Fuente Martinez
Jakob Diamond
Elizabeth Gleason
Patrick McCue
Benjamin Meimarides

Christopher Balesh
Patrick Blinn
Ethan DeVingo
Yvonne Gorski
Kuldeep Kaur
Michael Reilly
Jocelyn Schoell
Christopher Spaulding

Jesse Russell

Yara Khoury

Garrett Griffin

Jake Belanger
David Bisnaw
Kyra Blumenthal
Taylor Crehan
Matthew Delvalle
Kevin Denicola
Rachael Devine
Julia Duzan
Benjamin Faith
Judith Fongeallaz
Jeffrey Fox
Tori Grab
Kayela Hall
Lauren Harkins-Flipp
Jamie Hermanson
Michael Jackson
David Jeswald
Derrick Kasianowicz
Ashley Kemmett
Matthew Lamoureux
Rachael Lawrence
Kelley Mason
Joshua McCray
Jennifer Mealey
Jessica Medeiros
Cheryl Moneghan
Derek Nichols
Nicholas ORoak
Lauren Parsons
Elizabeth Perkins
Tyrese Ribeiro
Sheila Rich
Joanna Souza
Jasmin Taylor
Krista Thayer
Lynn Thomason
Rebecca Trinkaus
Kathleen Walker
Samuel Wood

Jennifer Chery
Edward Curtis
Colin Fennessy
Tyler Ogbuike

Monument Beach
Kevin Sundquist

Alexa Davis
Shawanda Steed

New Bedford
Alyssa Do Couto
Nicole Franklin
Sarah Martin
Luis Melendez
Odjeissi Xavier Mendes
James Pacheco
Kiara Rodriguez Tavares
Stayce Santos
Lyndsie Verissimo

North Attleboro
Daniel Cummings
Elisa De Lima
Marissa DelSole
Shane Devlin
Erin Louis
Manan Rathor

North Dartmouth
Randall Hazzard
Courtney Pina

North Easton
Rosimere Alcantara
Joseph Bianchini
Michelle Donovan
Alexander Leone
Eric Linfield
Clayton Litchfield
Ian Taylor
Corey Whitman

North Pembroke
Nicole White

North Weymouth
Brenna Keenan

Jillian Eberle
Emily Pepin
Ronald Surette

Ashley Dinsmore
Holly Frattasio
Victoria Mansfield

Courtney Brown
Danielle Civitello
Jessica Currie
Pierre Durandisse
Emily Flavin
Jonilda Hoxha
Emerson Kerns
Sabrina Mazzotta
Daphnee Morency-Dorce
William Tomasello
John Waitekus

Katie Casper

Christopher Casey
Ashley Cobb
Zella Depesa
David DeYoung
Noah Gordon
Annie Kelley
Molly MacDonnell
Alyssa Malone
Montana Murphy

Heba Eid
Lon Feeley
Alexander Whitehead

Nicolette Bosworth
Asachai Drake-Rocheteau
Sean Fagan
Andrew Gallant
Kevin Houston
Samantha Lockhart
Patricia Loring
Emma Salvas
Ashley Smith
Sarah Welch

Emily White

Marcus Andrews-Oranczak
Daidlithza Carballo
Elizabeth Folan
Brendan Gibbons
Danielle Maloney
Morgan McCarthy
Amanda Milano
Allison Russell
Top Tierney
DeMing Yang

Folashade Ajao
Oluwanifemi Alaba
Enive Audry
Adedapo Azeez
Namtaka Bembeleza
Dayauna Boyd
Eber Bruneau
Maxime Cameau
Paul Castanino-Daly
Fallon Dumont-Sajous
Savannah Eaton
Sandia Fleuranville
Jeremiah Guerrier
Bryan Ho
Deajshia Howard
Shiquita Johnson
Shanara Lewis
Ruth Lochard
Kevin Mallgrave
Duong Nguyen
Paige O’Keefe
Tracy O’Leary
Covenant Onyemenaonu
Monique Peck
Brandi Pellegrini
Ariana Pereyra
Lan Pham
Linh Randall
Carlos Reyes Castillejo
Nathalie Sultan
Emmanuel Targete
Chloe Tavernier
Theresia Tebit
Ronethia Williams
Jasmin Wilson
Jessica Yerly
Tammy Zeng

Tearra Bates
Shane Carney
Trevonne Deveaux
Jessica Harding
David McKenna
Meaghan Miller
Andrew Noviello
Madison O’Malley
Alicia Roberts
Kourtney Sullivan

Shandi Austin
Jeremy Bradley
Donna Burke
Jessica Cameron
Darin Csubak
Hallie Ferguson
Taia Johnson
Taylor Kelly
Kyle Leary
Matthew Lorizio
Cameron McLaughlin
Zachary Panaro
Isabel Pica
Abigail Sepeck
Bret Underwood
Alanda Vecchione
Stephen White
Victoria White

Kaytelle Boursiquot
Patrick Nichols
Lynne Ortega

Alexandra Glew
Julia Molnar
Alexandra Santos
William Street
Gregory Yodsnukis

Maya Burgess
James Fitzhenry
Joshua Glazer
Katherine Holzman
Marissa James
Tanzilya Kim
Taylor Thigpen
Matthew Wendel

Brittney Miranda
Lauren Pacheco
Jill Roy

South Easton
Nicole Courtilien
Jessica Jenkinson
Keira Murray
Diana Pereyra
Emma Petrillo

South Weymouth
Brendan Bohld

Deanna Agresti
Shannon Andrade
Juleisha Buckmire
Joshua Chuba
Christine Vorleto
Irlando DaRosa
Lara Deb
Fabiola Dorcius
Michael Fetherston
Jonathan Hoffman
Christian Johnson
Jang Kizito
Terry Lapomarede
Ashley Lopez
Rachel Mackness
Benjamin Offley
Jeffrey Rogers
Rebecca Rowan
Olivia Shannon
Jada Sheedy-Remy
Alexandra Soto
Cassidy Taglieri
Khanh Tran

Michelle Noel

Kristin Abene
Jennifer Andrade
Scott Blevins
Hannah Ferreira
Amelia Hoard
Leah James
Joshua Keady
Sheri Kellner-Richards
Eddine Lopes
Alice Moniz
Krista Murray
Mikhail Pasternak
Alex Paull
Katherine Schmidt

Heather Blanchette

Narmin Abdel Massih
Sondra Calisi
James Morrison
Kyle Shea

Victoria Morse

West Bridgewater
Libby Atwood
Janet Brown
Alycia Canha
Meredith Carbone
Liberty DeAngelo
Brandon Deming
Casey DePina
Cole Donlan
Collin Johnson
Pia Kennedy
Ryan Mackin
Christina Messina
Aidan O’Connor
Patrick O’Neill
Amie Phillips
Kristina Provitola
Kathleen Rolfe
Jasmine Rosa
Wendi Smith

West Wareham
Katherine Speer

Fiona Allan
Thomas Allan
Bruce Hunter
Alisia Metante
Benjamin Ouellette

Amy Adams
Marina Azamfirei
Philip Byrnes
Daniel Cashman
Joshua Ericson
Kathryn Henley
Darrell Kavka
Emily Kelcourse
Alexander Lunden
Brianna Maiden
Savannah Marrocco
Hannah McIsaac
Christopher McMorrow
Cameron Mignon
Sabrina Morfiris
Edelamar Negherbon
Michael Nigro
Holly Pelton
Alexandra Raeside
Richard Ridlon
Amara Robinson
Hannah Rumble
Kailey Schiller
Frank Schultz
Ian Sibbald
Amanda Tanck

Callie Adams
Madeleine Blandino
Shannon Carroll
Amber Clark
Juliana DiRamio
Matthew Drew
Alyssa Fraher
Ryan Hottenrott
Carolann Hurley
Erik Johnson
Agnieszka Kuczynski
Erin Long
John Miller
Derek Moran
Kristen O’Donnell
Trushali Patel
Christopher Pihl
Maya Roselli
Alese Schofield
Aaron Sebastyn
Matthew Wilson

Michael Leonardo Galan

Lindsey Adams
Hannah Quinn

894 Students Graduate from Massasoit

Commencement always represents the accumulation of knowledge and a crossroads for our students as they begin new journeys. Our 2019 Commencement held many firsts: for more than half of our graduates, it was the first time someone in their family had graduated from college, and it was the first commencement overseen by Dr. Gena Glickman, Massasoit’s first female President.

View hundreds of more photos from Commencement 2019 here, and read the full remarks of Professor Lucy Anne Hurston’s commencement address.

Honors Convocation 2019

Students, faculty, staff, and friends of Massasoit gathered last week for our 2019 Honors Convocation, where more than 30 scholarships and awards were granted. Congratulations to all recipients, and to those students who also graduated from Massasoit last week, we will miss you!

The annual Honors Convocation is dedicated to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in leadership and academic achievement. A special thanks to the Massasoit Community College Foundation, Inc. for its generous support of our students. View a full list of the scholarship and award winners below.

29 Who Shine Award
Kimberly A. Nashawaty

Bridgewater State University Merit Transfer Scholarship
Catherine Ferris

Lois A. Martin Community College Mathematics Award
Deqi Tao
Michael Reilly
Nicholas Morse
Joseph Tenore
Daniel Sheehan

Altrusa International Club of Plymouth County
Mary Morrison

Bernie Feitleberg Radio Students of the Year
Gregory Abbott
Lindsay Beasley-Taylor

Dale Dorman Scholarship
Ryan J. Reynolds

Kim Gomes Television Student of the Year
Ernest Dedos

Rosemary Rice Theater Award
Evan Coutts
Patrick Hansbury
Deborah Talbot
Lyanni Torres

Bridgewater State University Transfer Transitions Scholarship
Hudson Cerruti
Juliana Diramio
Shawna Murray
Rebecca Trayers

Dawn Butler Memorial Scholarship
Nayfa Sarhan

Debbie Pincolini Baroni Memorial Scholarship
Kevin Mallgrave

Howard J. Schwendler Memorial Scholarship
Emily Dillan

Massasoit Community College Culinary Arts Scholarship
Jared Dwyer

Faculty Scholar Award
Marina A. Azamfirei
Trevonne Deveaux
Michael L. Grant
Belunda Moise
Julia Molnar
Caitlin J. Shannon

Fadhi Mehdi Memorial Scholarship
Camilla Miquelina

Firefighter Bruce A. Carrico, Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Marcus Andrews

H. Sandra Whitman Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Carta

Germaine Y. Lanzikos Scholarship
Tammy Carbone

Jerald S. Savage Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Amelia Wool

Henry Lee Scholarship
Amelia Wool

Commonwealth Honors Scholars
Zoe Allard
Marina Azamfirei
Chelsea Bodemer
Maria De La Fuente Martinez
Lara Deb
Joshua Keady
Karoline Mego-Castillo
Julia Molnar
Kimberly Nashawaty
Mercy Onwunzo
Natalee Paredes
Flavio Pires Do Rosario Charles Swann
John Tedesco
Stephanie Thibert
Rebecca Trayers
Alexander VanHelene
Alyssa Warren
Matthew Wendel

Green Key Society
Delilah M. Fraser
Camilla Miquelina
Julia Molnar
Kimberly A. Nashawaty
Natalee D. Paredes
Wolf Pierre
Alexandra G. Santos
Tristan Sims

Latch Recognition Award
Ruth Herisse
Patrick Hood
David McGrath

Theresa Smith Memorial Award
Jason Straughter
Killentz Rateau

Outstanding Student Senator Award
Kimberly A. Nashawaty
Wolf Pierre

President’s Athletics Award
Jonathan Carrere
Alexandra G. Santos

Student Athlete Award
Christopher McMorrow
Alyson Reid

South Shore Bank Citizenship Award
Marven Jean Jacques

Sarro Family Scholarship
Janni Encarnacion
Rebekah Mroz
Cristine Sullivan
Melany Vicente

Roger E. Shea, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Theresa Coelho

Ubuntu Scholars Passion for Action Award
Irlando DaRosa

Lalanne-Brown Scholar of the Year Award
Cristian Luna-Robinson

TRIO Student Support Services Presidential Scholarship
Amanda Charlot
Schneida Faustin
Natalee Paredes

Annual Arts Festival Merit Scholarship
Zachary Bearne

Visual Arts Faculty Award
Steven Bodak
Alexa DAvis

2019 Graduation Pinning Ceremonies

Congratulations to all of our 2019 graduates in the Dental Assistant, Radiologic Technology, Nurse Education, Respiratory Care, Veterinary Technology, and Paramedic programs who were pinned during special recognition ceremonies over the last two weeks. Below are photos from the ceremonies and a list of graduates for each program.

Massasoit is proud to be to graduating students who are expertly trained and prepared to work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, long-term and rehabilitative care facilities, clinics, and more.

Dental Assistant Pinning Ceremony – May 16, 2019

Dental Assistant 2019 Graduates

Melanie Beaver
Sarah Cochrane
Elizabeth Connolly
Emilee Davis
Heather Halvorsen
Jordan Lynch
Christina Maibaum

Theresa Nichols
Brandi Pelligrini
Morgan Reardon
Leah Schut
Jillian Starkey
Stephanie White
Amanda Williams

Radiologic Technology Pinning Ceremony – May 20, 2019

Radiologic Technology 2019 Graduates

Lauren Beringer
Heather Blanchette
Kayla Curran
Jeannette D’Olimpia
Lauren Flipp
Nicole Franklin
Andrew Gallant
Randall Hazzard
Jonilda Hoxha
Ashley Kemmett
Michelle Noel
Chinwendu Nwosu

Lauren Pacheco
Lauren Parsons
Alicia Roberts
Amara Robinson
Jill Roy
Jesse Russell
Stayce Santos
Bernadette Savoie
Kevin Sundquist
Joan Welden
Victoria Zicko

Nurse Education Pinning Ceremony – May 21, 2019

Nurse Education 2019 Graduates

Gathchina Aliot
Helena Alves
Ashlee Andrade
Riann Araujo
Molly Atkinson
Josephine Atwood
Alison Barry
Stephenie Brown
Ana Laura Callahan
Tammy Carbone
Emily Carney
Andrew Clemons
Kathryn Daisy
John Michael Dasalla
Charlene Ekechukwu
Kathleen Flaherty
Danielle Flynn
Tabith Gitau
Jennifer Guadalupe
Holly Holdgate
Lori Jolliemore

Darkovna Juste
Meredith McCarthy
Christina McDonald
Omoleye Olorunfunmi
Tammy Osborne
Cynthia Oyatta
Ralph Pierre
Sarah Pina
Charline Pinola
Christy Reyes
Melissa Russell
Aileen Smith
Payton Snow
Jessica Spence
Jennifer Sturgeon
Rebekah Sylvia
Daphnee Theodore
James Tingue
Emily Williamson
Krista Woodworth
Amelia Wool

Respiratory Care Pinning Ceremony – May 22, 2019

Respiratory Care 2019 Graduates

Amber Achin
Kimberly Bowman
George Chavannes
Marie Danier
Tabitha Davidson
Heba Eid
Katherine Gonsalves
Tamara Jean

Erin Louis
Francette Madou-Phal
Mary Morrison
Marissa Pires
Wendi Smith
Joseph Thrasybule
Maura Watson
Emma Watts

Veterinary Technology Pinning Ceremony – May 23, 2019

Veterinary Technology 2019 Graduates

Sadie Brown
Molly Burgess
Marissa Delsole
Elaine Dias Da Fonseca
Bridget Hatch
Kaleigh Joyce
Casidhe LaBate

Alicia MacDonald
Jessica Puopolo
Melissa Rocha
Veronica Salisbury
Hailey Smith
Michelle Waller
Hannah Wisdom

Paramedic Certificate Pinning Ceremony – May 22, 2019

Paramedic Certificate 2019 Graduates

Paramedic Class VII
Brandon Becker
Brent Cardelli
Joshua Correia
Benjamin Cronan
Michael Farias
Nicholas Gousie
Daniel Kelly
Ryan Malcomson

Paramedic Class VIII
Mickail Buczek
Jordan Cabral
Michael Devilly
Michelle Ingemi-Taylor
Ryan Malone
Daniel Murphy
Kelsey O’Shaughnessy
Erin Ribeiro

Massasoit’s “29 Who Shine” Honoree Awarded at State House

Kim Nashawaty with Governor Baker

Pembroke resident Kimberly Nashawaty was recognized as Massasoit Community College’s “29 Who Shine” honoree for 2019 when she met Governor Baker and other Massachusetts House and Senate leaders on May 3 at an awards ceremony at the State House. Nashawaty is an outstanding non-traditional Honors student who pursued higher education after her own children attended college; she will be graduating from Massasoit with a 3.51 GPA.

29 Who Shine is a commencement season awards program that recognizes 29 outstanding student graduates from the Commonwealth’s public higher education system. The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education launched the program in May 2011, and each 29 Who Shine honoree is nominated by an institution’s faculty or staff member, or by a university awards committee.

Nashawaty’s activities and accolades at Massasoit include serving as the president of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and Student Senate president, a Presidential Student Ambassador, and being a Honors Scholar and a Women’s Leadership Group leader. What truly makes Nashawaty an asset to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, however, is her personal commitment to serving the needs of others and her precedence for civic engagement.

Nashawaty is a staunch supporter for sexual assault victims and those experiencing homelessness. As Massasoit’s Student Senate President, she organized a yearlong initiative to assist Father Bill’s and MainSpring homeless shelter in Brockton. Nashawaty worked diligently to champion for the cause, and after recognizing the shelter needed assistance with preparing and serving meals, she scheduled several dates for the Student Senators to travel to the shelter to serve meals for the residents.

Kim continued the relationship with Father Bill’s and MainSpring and demonstrated her unselfish commitment to and advocacy for those experiencing homelessness by leading campus wide holiday drives to collect coats, hats, gloves, socks, and toiletries for the shelter.

As a certified Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative Program peer mentor, Nashawaty also assists students with intellectual or developmental disabilities in their pursuit of higher education.

Upon completion of the associate degree program in Criminal Justice at Massasoit, Nashawaty hopes to join the team at the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction to participate in the new People Achieving Change Together initiative, which is specially designed to reduce recidivism among young adult offenders.

For more information about the 29 Who Shine award, including criteria, visit:

Massasoit to Open Office at New Unemployment Building in Downtown Brockton

Massasoit is excited to formally announce that the college will have a presence in the soon-to-be constructed Department of Unemployment Assistance building at 226 Main Street in downtown Brockton. Lt. Governor Karyn Polito visited the city on May 8 to make the announcement.

Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter unveil the rendering of the project on the historic Ganley Building at 226 Main Street at Brockton City Hall on Thursday May 9, 2019. (Alyssa Stone/The Enterprise)

The project is just one example of how Massasoit is evolving to better serve the needs of the broader Metro South region. More details will follow, but Massasoit is committed to maintaining space in the building and the College is carefully reviewing what programs and services may be a good fit for the location. Check back for more information as the project progresses!

Read more about the announcement in The Enterprise: Massasoit to open office at new unemployment building in downtown Brockton.

Massasoit Makes Safest Colleges List

Massasoit Community College was recently named one of the Safest Colleges in the U.S., according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security. Massasoit came in 95th on the list, coming out in front of hundreds of other U.S. colleges and ranked within the top 10 colleges in Massachusetts.

The National Council for Home Safety and Security used data from law enforcement and FBI crime reports and compared 490 colleges across the country with student populations of 1,000 or more. Using information about crime rate (both violent and non-violent crimes) and police adequacy, the National Council for Home Safety and Security compiled the list.

Massasoit’s ranking is due to the excellent police service that the Massasoit Community College Police Department provides the campus at all times. Through efficient law enforcement efforts and a tight-knit partnership between the police and the community, the Massasoit Police Department maintains a safe learning environment year-round.

Read the full study and article here: